Consecutive Search focuses on a temporary or permanent implementation of management, board, and specialist positions.


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Our method is clear & transparent
As soon as we receive the search assignment, we begin with the profile. We take extreme care in providing a clear profile of the position. ??In the meetings with the Company we discuss the key aspects which the candidate needs as well as the 'hard criteria' needed to be successful in the position. ??We place the key components in the profile and ensure the candidate fits those requirements

Our method: clear & transparent
Our thorough selection procedure starts as soon as we receive our client’s search assignment. With the upmost care and diligence, we first construct an accurate profile of the position. Then, we invite our client to discuss which essential requirements the candidate needs to successfully fulfill the position. With these insights and information gathered, a comprehensive overview of the position and ideal candidate is made

The active search
?Our work method is characterized by the fact that we do our own research for each assignment. Thus it is possible to introduce a candidate within a few weeks.??We are solely in charge of the whole process and have a strong involvement with our clients and candidates. We are so convinced of the excellent quality of our search, that we are prepared to give a 'guarantee' on the candidate which we have placed. ??In case the contract with the candidate is broken within 6 months, because of his/her not fulfilling the key requirements, we will start a new search without charge.

Our search: thorough and reliable
For each assignment, we conduct our research with scrutiny and complete independency, in which our clients and candidates are strongly involved. Through our disciplined and united effort we are able to introduce a candidate within a few weeks. Our search is inspired by quality and excellence. Hence, we can confidently place a ‘guarantee’ on the candidate we put forward. In case of a breach of contract within 6 months due to the candidate’s incapacity of fulfilling key requirements, we will start a new search free of charge.

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Business Services
Industry,Logistics&Commodity Trading

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Jan van der Does de Willebois
Telephone: + 3135 - 699 60 67
Mobile: + 316 - 53 14 85 40

Jan has held various management and executive board positions, including positions at the Netherlands Council for Trade Promotion and the Royal Dutch Jaarbeurs Utrecht. In the 1990s, Jan was the co-founder and partner of Amsterdamse School, a company specialized in marketing and communications. As from 2000 he has been a senior consultant in executive search. His focus is on finding the highest caliber people for management and board positions in business services, finance and trade & commodity finance.

Companies transforming into market-driven organizations benefit in particular from his experience in Change & Quality Management, as this transformation process requires exceptional skills in management and leadership.

He is boardmember of the following foundations: Utrecht Centre of Tourism (UBT), Utrecht Centre of Culture and History, Zambia Allocation Projects, Medical Council for Science Research and Development, and the Foundation for Diabetes Research. In addition, he is a member of the Advisory Board of Syntens (Entrepreneurial Innovation Platform). Since 2014 he was elected as member of the city council Wassenaar.
Heidi Sutorius
Telephone: + 3135 - 699 61 42
Mobile: + 316 - 51 47 14 84

Heidi has over 25 years of senior management and executive experience in Executive Search and Recruitment. In addition, she is a Career coach in high demand.

As headhunter, her focus areas include business services and retail. Heidi is specialized in mediation and coaching of highly educated in top positions.

Her mediation activities primarily include managerial and executive board positions in Communication, Finance and Human Resource Management. From 2003 onwards she formed a partnership with HuijskensBickerton, a company specialized in Reputation Managenement, regarding assignments for communication professionals.


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